Fortune Turkey Interview 2022

New Generation Work Life

Interview:  Berk Yılmaz –

DEM Global CEO Kerem Kerimoğlu shared his views on the new generation working life and the new entertainment concept of the Z generation for

Fortune Turkey Interview 2022: Weitnauer Türkiye CEO Kerem Kerimoğlu

The new generation is slowly starting to take its place in the beverage industry as well as in all areas of working life. What are your thoughts on the position of Generation Z in the industry and their understanding of entertainment?

First of all, I would like to share my observations about our young friends in our sector. Generation Z; A generation that is extremely creative and can reveal their own style and way of doing business instead of following the habits from the past. A generation Z employee with a vision and goals for the future can produce inspiring results when they combine this with their creativity. I believe that the old style of management will change as the Z generation makes its weight felt in the sector.

On the other hand, the sense of entertainment of the Z generation is also unique. In my first years in the industry, I used to go to a place in the evening, then eat at a place suitable for classical Turkish customs, and then have fun at a club. This changes with the new generation. Young people can stay long enough to end their fun in the first place they go. Another example; Previously, 4 different places were visited in the evening when it was called after-work entertainment, but now it can be done in one go. Beverage preferences also differ. That’s why when you enter a restaurant, beverage options attract attention as well as meals. Particular attention is paid to which drink is compatible with which food. 

What were the effects of digitalization on your industry? Can you appeal to the generation that changes with technology?

The way to survive in a changing world is to keep up with technology. This is true in our industry as well as in every other field. Entertainment and digitalization are two concepts that feed each other. 

Of course, we are not only keeping up with the new generation, but also keeping up with the digital revolution process. In the past, we used to call each other from home phones, with the spread of mobile phones, communication via SMS took its place. Digitalization, on the other hand, gives us an “experience” from the first to the last. When you look; You are going through a process where you can search hundreds of places before you go, see the ratings and comments, and instantly learn when, where and what is opened. Lecture, menu, website of the venue, Instagram account; it’s all part of the experience. We are now in a period where we look at menus with QR codes. New concepts are driving venues to move to suit new shopping habits. Along with digitalization, I also use an application and mark every restaurant I’ve been to, save and upload what I eat and like on the menu. Those who go there or use the application can see them. It is especially popular abroad. So the situation is changing and will change even more.  

Digitalization is progressing so fast that we are constantly renewing our marketing strategies, ways of doing business and business processes according to these changes and new technologies. We see this transformation as an advantage for our company. Because we have a team that is open to innovations, prone to teamwork, open communication, development-oriented and dynamic. We keep up with this comprehensive transformation process in cooperation with our fast-moving agile structure.

What are the new trends in food and beverage and entertainment? 

Every period in the world, a different food and beverage option is on the rise. New trends come to the fore in our country before long. I believe that beverage preferences will change in Turkey, which closely monitors the world and adapts quickly to changes. The drinks that used to dominate will leave their place to the trends in the world. He even started to quit. We are in a process where brands are going to differentiate from the classic. We can say that the mixed drinks accompanying the meals stand out. We are the country where a few important brands can adapt very quickly and make the most sales in the world. Of course, we cannot ignore the role of chefs supported by companies like us in the formation of quality food-quality drink harmony. The chefs prepare by thinking about which foods will go well with the drinks. We are slowly seeing the new trend, the harmony between quality food and quality drinks, and its reflection in Turkey. In addition, different disciplines; For example, we see that art, music, fashion and various fields, when combined with beverages, create activities that are richer in content and intellectually satisfying. We frequently include such innovations in our own strategy, meeting our consumers with more elegant opportunities.