Magnet Quarterly Interview 2022

CEO of DEM Global: Kerem Kerimoğluğlu

Dem Global firstly was founded in order to trade Duty Free, and now it has been a distributor of global beverage brands since 1992. Dem Global is under the roof of Weitnauer Group, which is one of the white shoe firms in Sweden. And we had a cheerful interview with the CEO of DEM Global, Kerem Kerimoglu. He told us about mysteries of food and beverage world, process of the brand’s nascence and DEM Global’s road of success. 

Could you introduce yourself briefly?

I was born in Ankara, in 1972. I started to take education at Ankara TED Private School, but after we moved to Izmir, I transferred to Izmir 60. Yil Anatolian High School. I started to my career in Philip Morris, in 1993 and I worked in Diageo and Pernod Ricard companies for long years. Ten years ago, I got an offer from Weitnauer Group to be a General Manager and I headed DEM Foreign Trade Inc. of Weitnauer Group. We have been doing good for 10 years. We represent very important brands in Turkey such as Jagermeister, Whyte & Mackay, Bottega, QB Brands, Stock, VP Brands and Thomas Henry. 

I would like to hear you about Dem Global. How long have you been active in the sector? Could you tell us about the process of brand’s nascence?

Weitnauer Türkiye was founded in 1992. Our company has been the distributor of global beverage brands since 1997, we have represented many brands for a long time and with the help of its strong performance, it has been under the umbrella of one of the white shoe firms in Sweden, Weitnauer Group, since 2010. We enhanced our dominance in market as of 2019, we concentrate all of our work force on beverage market now.

Could you evaluate the food and beverage world in Turkey for us?

The trends in the world are being followed closely in our country. We can see that the latest popular beverage trends abroad reflected our country as well. Brands are becoming different when they are classic, beverage choices are changing in this period. Old dominating beverages give their place to world’s trends. The food and beverage sector in Turkey can easily adapt to changings. And I think it is an advantage for the sector. Mixed beverages accompany to food and these trends are becoming effective. Besides, whole good chef cooks are supported by companies for collaboration such as us. Chef cooks are preparing food by thinking which beverage accompanies well with which food. Trend is evolving to quality food-quality beverage harmony. We see the reflection of this harmony in turkey as well. 

As a CEO, you lead the road success of Dem Global. What is the secret of your success? What kind of management understanding do you have?

I think I am a “new generation manager” and this understanding should dominate across the sector. If you ask me what is the new generation management; I can explain it as a world where people who can take responsibilities at early ages, have knowledge and vision are preferred. The biggest difference between former managers and our management system is technology. At the same time,