Scotch Whisky vs Irish Whiskey

Although the ingredients (grain and water) used in the production of whisky are generally the same but the amount of distillation, the type and rate of grain used, aging and the type of potstill used can vary as they affect the aroma and tasting of whiskey.

The Main Differences between Scotch Whisky & Irish Whiskey

The best example of this is the production differences between Scotch Whiskys and Irish Whiskeys and the resulting diversity of flavors. At the beginning of the most fundamental difference; The Irish distills whiskey for 3 times, while the Scots distill it for 2 times. Irish whiskeys tend to be softer, as more distillation gives the whiskey a softer and easier-drinking character.

Why as Written as “Whisky” or “Whiskey”

One subtle difference; Irish whiskeys are spelled “whiskey” while Scottish whiskeys are spelled “whisky”. They reflect this spelling on their labels as well. Additionally, while the majority of Irish whiskeys are in the blend whiskey category, Scottish whiskys are divided into different varieties; such as single malt, blend, blended malt and so on. Despite their differences, we see and experience that the Scots and the Irish have brought a wonderful culture to the world.

The Basic Process of Whisky Making